ENKOclean washing and drying system

ENKOTEC has exclusive rights to sell and service the nail cleaning systems manufactured by VIBRON, who has a long-established knowledge and expertise in metal-cleaning systems.

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Quick specifications for ENKOclean range

Ø2.1 - 4.2 mm / .083 - .165“

in nail diameter

38 - 105 mm / 1 1/2 - 4"

in nail length

Up to 2,000 nails per minute

in capacity

Highly efficient nail cleaning with ENKOclean

The ENKOTEC washing and drying system, manufactured by Italian VIBRON, is designed for cleaning nails in an inline nail manufacturing production or as a standalone unit, with a production speed of up to 2,000 nails per minute. The capacity is depending on the nail size.

The system washes by vibrating the nails in a phosphate solution. The drying takes place in a vibration spiral with corn cob in mesh 30-40 and heated air. The cycle time of the process is approx. 20 min.


  • Vibrating washing machine
  • Vibrating cob dryer
  • Recycling tanks


ENKOclean video

Watch an ENKOclean unit in action here.

Bent Just Petersen

"Please do not hesitate to ask for more information."

Bent Just Petersen Managing Director

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