Our History

"The appearance of the ENKOTEC rotary nail machine in 1981 was a revolution within the nail industry, as the new machine principle offered a large number of advantages compared with the conventional nail manufacturing technology" - Gert Kjeldsen, ENKOTEC's CEO
Gert Kjeldsen, ENKOTEC's CEO

Founded in 1981
The name ENKOTEC is a play on words derived from “NKT technology”. Founded in 1981, ENKOTEC was wholly or partially owned by the company NKT (Nordic Cable & Wire) until the mid ‘90s. The following 10 years, ENKOTEC was partly management-owned and partly venture-owned. Since 2006, our company has been 100% owned by the Danish BIKUBENFONDEN, a private foundation that allocates funds from its returns and capital to benefit non-profit and charitable purposes in the Danish society.

Research project
It was a technological breakthrough that made NKT establish ENKOTEC for producing and commercializing a newly developed machine for the manufacture of nails. The nail machine was the result of a research project carried out in the ‘70s in close cooperation between the Technical University in Copenhagen and the R&D team at the NKT Wire Works.

Technological revolution
The introduction of the ENKOTEC rotary nail machine was a revolution within the nail industry, as the machine was radically different from the conventional nail manufacturing machines known since the turn of the 19th century. The ENKOTEC nail machine is unique by being based on a rotary forming principle, allowing wire feeding, wire cutting and head forming to take place in one continuous process of rotating movements. The new machine principle offered a large number of advantages compared with the conventional “cut and hammer” technology.

Rotary forming advantages
Apart from an environment-friendly production with a lower noise level, a smaller energy consumption and an oil-free manufacturing process, without the need for subsequent nail tumbling, the new technology meant double capacity, better nail quality, less space requirements, increased user-friendliness, fewer operators and the possibility of unmanned production. The nail machine quickly became a Danish export success and today ENKOTEC machines are running in nail factories located all over the world.

Continuous improvements
ENKOTEC is making continuous design and material improvements on its nail manufacturing machinery, thus meeting customer requirements for increased cost-efficiency and user-friendliness. Throughout the years, ENKOTEC has stayed competitive by giving high priority to technological advances, human resources development and partnership at all levels, both in relation to employees, suppliers and customers.

Nail manufacturing taken to the next level
By applying Industry 4.0 methodology and utilizing digitalization possibilities, ENKOTEC has achieved the goal of bringing state-of-the-art efficiency tools to wire nail manufacturers in an intuitive manner. With the new ENKOsmart technology, ENKOTEC has once again proven its ability to provide the best and most suitable solutions to the wire nails industry. See our ENKOnail+ with ENKOsmart for more details.

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