ENKOTEC Virtual Presentation Week, Dec 07-11, 2020

Why not book a 1:1 online Virtual Presentation session, featuring ENKOTEC news within high-performance nail manufacturing solutions, and hosted by an ENKOTEC's highly skilled experts?
Written on 13.10.2020, 00:00
ENKOTEC Virtual Presentation Week, Dec 07-11, 2020

In 2020, we are introducing the next generation of our core machinery with Industry 4.0 features, thus bringing digitalization into nail manufacturing. All of this to provide you with the key benefits of higher efficiency and easier operation and maintenance. We will be ready to give you a tailored virtual presentation of our key and latest technologies:

ENKOsmart for improved OEE
ENKOsmart: The brand new ENKOTEC software platform that brings the ENKOnail+ and ENKOroll machines to the next level of high-performance machinery by enabling data-driven easy decision-making combined with an intuitive interface.

ENKOnail+ with ENKOsmart
The next generation ENKOnail+ comes with a variety of new features and an improved design aiming at easy operation and maximum uptime. By utilizing innovative sensor technology and the latest generation HMI, the new ENKOnail+ with ENKOsmart provides the tools to maximize uptime and efficiency by intelligent error tracking and optimum wire rod utilization.

ENKOroll with ENKOsmart
Whether it is inline or batch mode setup, production speed of thread rolling will never be a bottleneck with the new ENKOroll. It is one-of-a-kind in the industry with a speed up to 3000 nails/min and comes with a perfectly engineered feeding system to ensure minimum risk of blockage and maximum uptime.

ENKOline system
Combining and connecting ENKOnail+, ENKOroll, ENKOllator wire collator machines with the ENKOveyor as conveying link, we provide the most advanced and intuitive nail production line in the industry. An integrated inline functionality in the machinery with features such as Auto Stop ensures minimum need of surveillance.

Digital Manual
With tutorial videos and intuitive touch interface, the brand new and innovative Digital Manual brings quick & easy access to all the necessary operation & maintenance guidelines.

Join us online at the special ENKOTEC event broadcasted to you LIVE from our Head Quarters on December 7-11. Book your own session as soon as possible and by November 23, 2020, at the latest, by writing “ENKOlive” to sales@enkotec.dk or by contacting an ENKOTEC sales manager directly.

We look forward to “seeing” you online and to having a dialog with you about how we may help you solve your specific nail manufacturing needs.


Gert Kjeldsen
CEO, Managing Director