Chavmal Co. Ltd., Israel

Facing an increasing nail market potential, the company decided to increase their nail production capacity by investing in a high-efficient ENKOTEC nail manufacturing line.

Partnership with ENKOTEC

CHAVMAL Ltd. is a manufacturer of nails and other steel wire products for the construction and land development industries. The company was founded in 1951 by the young newcomer from Eastern Europe, Mr. Arie Shomer. During the following decades, it became an elaborate family business owned by the enlarged Shomer family. The story of CHAVMAL is parallel to the story of the state of Israel, which was founded in 1948. Unlike other new states, Israel was characterized by the huge numbers of newcomers and war refugees, who created large absorption waves. All these people and families needed housing, which caused a heavy demand for wire products.

The CHAVMAL company prospered and grew rapidly through the 60’s, 70’s and even the 90’s with the coming of the Jews from Russia. Today, CHAVMAL is one of the largest manufacturers in its field in Israel and over the years the company has continuously invested in efficient production equipment to stay competitive. Thus, facing an increasing nail market potential, in 2012 the company decided to increase their nail production capacity by investing in a high-efficient ENKOTEC nail manufacturing line, consisting of a high-speed rotary nail machine, type NI01, with integrated wire payoff, running in-line with an advanced nail counter packaging unit, type NCP02.

The performance of the ENKOTEC nail manufacturing line, which was started up in August 2012, fully lives up to CHAVMAL’s expectations. 

Apart from the high capacity and reliability of the equipment, the company is satisfied with the after-sales service and support provided by ENKOTEC.  A skilled ENKOTEC service engineer started up the machinery and trained the staff in the easy operation and maintenance of the machines. Two follow-up visits make sure that all adjustments are correct and that no technical questions remain unanswered.

Apart from that, CHAVMAL can rely on ENKOTEC to ship possible spare parts orders quickly and to provide prompt replies from its technical support engineers in case of any trouble-shooting requirement.

The relation between CHAVMAL and ENKOTEC can best be characterized as a partnership, where ENKOTEC wishes to make sure that its customer gets maximum benefit out of its new machines. CHAVMAL, on its part, helps ENKOTEC improve its products by testing new type components up against existing parts and sending valuable feed-back to ENKOTEC. Recently consenting to ENKOTEC’s inquiry about a specific component test, CHAVMAL tellingly added: “Your success is our success as well!”

Based on the cooperation with ENKOTEC so far, CHAVMAL sees it very likely to replace its existing nail production machines with ENKOTEC production equipment over the coming years.


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