Hitmetal B.V., Netherlands

"The wishes of the client are always the starting point. Thanks to our state-of-the-art ENKOTEC nail manufacturing equipment, we can make the perfect nail for every client”, says Head of Sales Mr. Ad Klijn.

HITMETAL, successful with ENKOTEC

High-quality wire and metal products are supplied by HITMETAL B.V., based in Beek en Donk in the Netherlands, from its own plant and a number of carefully selected European and Asian manufacturers.  The company’s most important customers are producers of pallets and crates, roof units, building/fencing contractors and specialist wholesalers of wire and metal products. HITMETAL has more than 4000 pallet locations in its warehouse, which means it can quickly supply its customers with the products they need from stock.

The company's services include a technical advice and support center, from which staff with years of experience and in-depth knowledge can also support the customers with product development work. Apart from industrial wire netting and temporary or permanent fencing products, HITMETAL supplies many different industrial fasteners: Machine nails, special nails (such as EPAL nails), nails for retail, and an extensive assortment of other steel fasteners.

ENKOTEC in-line manufacturing: Two ENKOTEC high-speed nail manufacturing lines, the latest acquired in 2011, enable extremely fast production of perfect wire nails. Each of the two rotary nail machines is running in-line with an ENKOTEC high-speed thread-rolling machine.

Improved sales performance: Supplying high-quality custom-made nails within 24 hours, to both domestic and foreign clients, thanks to its ENKOTEC machinery for the production of machine nails, that is what HITMETAL can do. Head of Sales Ad Klijn: “With this advanced machine, we can service our domestic as well as our foreign clients even better than before.”

High output: “The new machine, manufactured by the Danish company ENKOTEC, boasts an extremely high output”, Ad Klijn explains. “The machine produces up to 1.500 nails per minute. Thanks to the integrated rolling module, we can produce completely tailor-made nails, from a conventional ‘smooth’ nail to screw or ring nails. Different ends are also possible: Oblique as well as diamond or chisel points.”

Constant quality: Furthermore, the machine ensures a constant quality. Ad Klijn: “Production will terminate immediately, should something inadvertently go wrong. This makes our production process much more efficient. The wishes and needs of the client are always the starting point", Klijn emphasizes. “Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can make the perfect nail for every client”.


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