Wire Düsseldorf 2016

The ENKOTEC booth attracted visitors from all over the world.

Wire 2016

Wire 2016

Successful WIRE 2016 show

In our biggest booth ever, we displayed most of our product programme, featuring great news as usual, and attracted visitors from all over the world, proving that nail production is an international business and that ENKOTEC is a worldwide brand. We were pleased to see that the visits generated many specific requests, especially for our in-line concepts, and we even closed several machine orders, which is unusual during such an event.

Another very positive element was our Service Booth, which aroused great interest. ENKOTEC had a reserved area, where staff showed customers how ENKOTEC can offer help with improving production efficiency on existing machines. It was a pleasure to note that many customers could see an advantage in strengthening their cooperation with ENKOTEC and expressed a wish to further discuss how to obtain a Service Agreement for better performance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our machines and service products.


Bent Just Petersen
Managing Director

At the ENKOTEC booth, we displayed the following nail production equipment:

ENKOline, 2,500 npm, wire: A high-speed in-line nail manufacturing line including a BAUSSMANN wire coil collator, an ENKOnail+ machine and an ENKOroll thread-rolling machine.

ENKOline, 1,500 npm, plastic: Also jointly exhibited by ENKOTEC and BAUSSMANN was a brand-new high-efficient plastic stick collator paired with a high-speed ENKOnail+ machine.

ENKOllator paper stick: ENKOTEC showed its new paper stick collator, designed for making collated sticks of nails with many new features for reliable and cost-efficient production.

ENKOfeed & ENKOveyor: The above machine set-ups all included the brand-new high-speed ENKOfeed nail feeder, as well as the new magnetic ENKOveyor for the transportation of nails.

ENKOnail with ENKOpack: Finally, we demonstrated an ENKOnail machine for small and midsize capacity needs, running with ENKOTEC’s movable ENKOpack nail-counter packaging machine.

Gert Kjeldsen

"Interested in our products? Please see our product description or contact us for more information."

Gert Kjeldsen Managing Director

We are always ready to serve you

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