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The core of ENKOTEC's product program is the ENKOTEC rotary nail manufacturing machine. Our nail machine is radically different from conventional nail making machines and comparatively includes a huge number of advantages. ENKOTEC's rotary nail machine is continuously being developed based on input from the market.

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ENKOnail+ machine

This video shows an ENKOTEC nail manufacturing machine of the high-capacity ENKOnail + series. ENKOTEC's wire nail making machines are indeed the most efficient in the market.

The ENKOTEC nail machine is unique by being based on a rotary forming principle, allowing wire feeding, wire cutting and head forming to take place in one continuous process of rotating movements.

The ENKOTEC technology offers a large number of advantages compared with the conventional technology. The rotary forming principle means double capacity, better nail quality, less space requirements, increased user-friendliness, fewer operators and the possibility of unmanned production. Add to that an environment-friendly production with a lower noise level, a smaller energy consumption and an oil-free manufacturing process, without the need for subsequent nail tumbling. 

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ENKOnail machine

Gert Kjeldsen, Managing Director of ENKOTEC A/S, reports:

"When designing the ENKOnail model, we had a strong focus on assuring our customers optimal machine performance in relation to investment, for instance by utilizing the latest production technology within sheet metal bending and machine tooling.

We see our ENKOnail model as a very strong alternative for our customers' capacity needs, whether they produce a single nail type or several different nail types.

The ENKOnail machine combined with our high-end ENKOnail+ series allow us to offer a complete range of nail manufacturing machines, where many tooling parts are common for all machine models, thus increasing their cost effectiveness

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Extremely high cost-efficiency

The ENKOnail+ series of high-capacity nail manufacturing machines incorporates the ENKOTEC rotary forming principle and a user-friendly machine design. This makes our nail manufacturing machines the most efficient on the market, while offering the possibility of automated production and in-line manufacturing. 

A key factor in the efficiency of ENKOTEC rotary nail machines is the highly durable tooling integrated in the process line and guaranteeing smooth, non-stop operations.

The ENKOnail + machines feature a userfriendly PLC control system and touch screen operator interface, which displays current status, time and nail count. The operator interface is easy to navigate and allows for quick setup of nail parameters. It can be password protected to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the setup screens.

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Cost-effective nail production

For this model of nail  making machine, ENKOTEC has chosen a simple and sturdy transmission system with a more mechanical adjustment set-up than on our ENKOnail+ series wire nail manufacturing machines. 

Like the ENKOnail+ models, these machines have an efficient active nail ejection system, pushing and dragging the nails out of the dies and thus ensuring the safe evacuation of all finished nails from the wire nail machine. The tooling ring includes a reduced number of dies, which is a contributing factor in allowing tooling changeovers in the ENKOnail machine to be made easily and in little time.

The ENKOnail machine is user-friendly in its design with an ergonomic working height, foot controlled wire feeding, and easy access for cleaning and service.

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"Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. "

Gert Kjeldsen
Managing Director

Phone: +45 4010 0215
Email: gk@enkotec.dk

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