ENKOTEC Thread Rolling Machine

The ENKOroll wire thread rolling machine has been specially designed for making screw shank or annular profiles on nails with a production speed of up to 3,000 nails per minute. The userfriendly design allows quick and easy tooling changeovers, and the machine is capable of running inline in an ENKOTEC nail manufacturing line or as a standalone machine.

ENKOroll w/ ENKOsmart

The ENKOroll wire thread rolling machine can profile up to 3,000 nails per minute, without affecting the production stability, no matter whether the profile chosen is screw shank or annular.

  • High production speed
  • Cost-effective production
  • High-quality profiling of nails

Ø2.0- 4.5 mm / .078 - .177“
in nail diameter

38 - 105 mm / 1.5 - 4.0”
in nail length

33 - 76 mm / 1.3 - 3.0”
in profile height

1,950 x 1,120 x 1,840 mm / 77.0” x 44.0” x 72.5"
in dimensions (L x W x H)

Approx. 215 l/min. / 13 m3/h (5.5 bar / 87 psi.)
in compressed air

Extremely high capacity with ENKOTEC's thread rolling machine

Whether it is an inline or batch mode setup, production speed of wire thread rolling will never be a bottle neck with the ENKOroll type TR01. It comes with an outstanding output speed up to 3000 nails per minute, thanks to a perfectly engineered feeding and controlling mechanism.

As an extra technology leap, the ENKOroll will be equipped with the latest generation software platform from ENKOTEC, the ENKOsmart. ENKOsmart provides remote access and control for fast track support and supplementary features such as user registration, event logging and performance tracking module.


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