The World's Leading Nail Machinery Manufacturer


We are the inventors of the modern nail machine. With the invention of the rotary principle in 1981, we revolutionised the nail production industry and we have been world leaders ever since. 

We are constantly developing our nail manufacturing machinery to bring you the latest technology and keep you ahead of the competition.

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About us

ENKOTEC is the world’s leading supplier of machinery for the manufacture of mass-produced wire nails as well as customised nail production solutions.

It all began in 1981 when we invented the groundbreaking rotary forming principle, allowing wire feeding, wire cutting and nail head forming to take place in one continuous process of rotating movements. ENKOTEC’s unique production design is constantly being developed and ensures our nail manufacturing customers to produce uniform, high-quality nails, in capacities of up to 2,500 nails per minute.

We provide competitive nail solutions ranging from stand-alone machines to complete nail production plants, and our customer base goes from small businesses with one nail machine to big international groups totaling more than 50 nail machines and accessory equipment. We supply nail manufacturing machinery to customers all over the world, and are proud to be global leaders in the industry.

Your solution-focused partner

We take great pride in meeting individual cold forming needs, from stand-alone machines to fully automated process lines.

We are constantly improving on our solutions thanks to more than 40 years' experience in the nail market, a close dialog with our customers, and a highly skilled, innovative and service-oriented staff, working with the latest technology.

This guarantees you tailor-made solutions that will effectively answer your specific needs and keep you ahead of competition.

What makes ENKOTEC's nail machines different from conventional machines?

Conventional nail making machines use a process which involves straightening and drawing wire into a nail machine, using a hammer to form the head of the nail, and then clipping the opposite end of the wire to form a point and free the nail. The process then begins again.

In contrast to this, ENKOTEC's rotary nail machines make nails by first drawing the wire into a wire straightening section, this wire is then cut to the desired size and enters the head-forming section of the machine. This process allows more nails to be created per minute, as nails can consinuously be cut and their heads formed in one continuous flow, rather than one-by-one. 

We develop our nail manufacturing solutions and services in close contact with our customers and suppliers, based on long-term partnerships. 

This means our nail machines are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market.

Furthermore, all our nail manufacturing machinery is developed and produced in our own factory, situated in Denmark, allowing us to ensure that all our machines meet our high standards of quality.

In close cooperation with our customers, we constantly develop our solutions in order to give our customers a strong competitive edge.

ENKOTEC is a trustworthy partner. We aim to deliver both top-of-the-line nail machinery and first-class customer service. See what our customers think.

ENKOTEC's dedicated staff meet individual customer requirements. We guarantee professional advice, cost-efficient solutions and fast response times.

ENKOTEC's Ownership

ENKOTEC is a limited company founded in 1981. Since 2006 ENKOTEC has been owned by the Danish BIKUBENFONDEN, which is a private foundation that allocates funds from its returns and capital to benefit non-profit and charitable purposes in Danish society. The main purpose of the BIKUBEN Foundation is to support and develop projects within Danish and Greenlandic culture. The foundation also has its own projects within education and natural resources.

ENKOTEC Governance


ENKOTEC Board of Directors
Members of the Board:            
Mr Per Kaiser Lauritzen (Chairman), Director
Mr Søren Kaare-Andersen, CEO,
Mr Jesper F. Petersen, Director,,
Mr Niels Fogelstrom, Vice President, Global Operations,


Staff-elected members:
Mr Jimmy Rosendal Brahe, QA
Ms Lene Nyboe Mønsted, Production


ENKOTEC Management:
Mr Gert Kjeldsen, CEO