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ACINDAR, el mayor productor de acero en la Argentina

Acindar, largest steel producer in Argentina

In order to further improve productivity, it is decided to make a progressive replacement of conventional nail machines by ENKOTEC rotary machines. ENKOTEC nail machines have allowed ACINDAR to produce a high quality with high efficiency. 

Talleres y Aceros (TYASA), Mexico

Talleres y Aceros (TYASA), Mexico

TYASA ordered more ENKOTEC nail manufacturing machines together with updated nail-counter packaging systems. ENKOTEC is happy to be a continuous partner in TYASA’s search for providing quality performance and quality products within nail manufacturing.



The cooperation with ENKOTEC has enabled Italian Trafileria-Punteria Ghezzi SAS to increase product quality and production efficiency. In a highly competitive market, the continuous application and development of new production machinery and processes is the only way to succeed.

Industrispik Linan AB, Sweden

Industrispik Linan AB, Sweden

"Our company is more than satisfied with our high-efficient ENKOTEC in-line production lines, operating with a utilization percentage of 90% of the capacity", says Managing Director Mr. Kenneth Svensson.

Aceros de Guatemala S.A., Central America

Aceros de Guatemala S.A., Central America

ENKOTEC is a great alternative for investing in machinery for nail manufacturing. Among the great benefits in the cooperation with ENKOTEC is the efficient support and technical service.

Malla San S.A. de C.V. , Mexico

Malla San S.A. de C.V., Mexico

After one year, it was clear that the ENKOTEC nail machines met 100% of the expectations to machine capacity given to the company. The services offered by ENKOTEC were a great help for Malla San.

PT. Industri Paku Ulir Marabu (MARABU NAILS), Indonesia


Production Manager Mr Hujaya Asikin: "ENKOTEC machines produce 100% quality nails, oil-free, thus eliminating the need for a tumbling process as well as securing a high production rate."

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