Grow with ENKOTEC

ENKOTEC is constantly working on value proposition development in cooperation with our customers, not least in the area of service innovation. Presently, we are incorporating more and more digital tools and processes in our service offerings, and the ENKOTEC Service Consultants are improving their skills all the time, including continuous training in relevant production consultancy tools.

Performance Improvement Agreement

A recent initiative within ENKOTEC service innovation is the Performance Improvement Agreement, which is a new type of service agreement, based on data collection and data analysis.

An ENKOTEC Performance Improvement Agreement will give your management a much more detailed insight into production efficiency and operator behavior. Our in-depth data analysis will provide a very accurate assessment of downtime and error statistics.

Together, we will develop and execute a joint action plan that will help to take corrective measures in your daily operations. Once we have implemented the plan, your production management will regularly have remote interaction sessions with ENKOTEC. ENKOTEC Service Consultants will explain the conclusions from the data analyses and propose improvement actions.

Based on the current status and on your specific requirements, the Performance Improvement Agreement will be continuously adjusted in close dialog with your ENKOTEC Account Manager and Service Consultants. We will help you maintain the results obtained and will gradually include more and more value-creating elements, tailored to your needs.

Hence, the Performance Improvement Agreement will result in increased quality of your staff, leaner production management, higher machine utilization, and an overall improvement of your competitiveness.