ENKOfeed: High-Speed Nail Feeder

The ENKOTEC nail feeder has been designed specifically for feeding nails into processing equipment at high-speeds, to enable automated nail production.

Benefits of the ENKOfeed

  • High production speed

  • High-quality long lasting springs

  • Easy adjustment with eccentrics

  • Clockwise  and Counter Clockwise versions

  • Air jets to increase speed

  • Automatic frequency calibration

  •  Automatic speed control

Specifications and Datasheets

Ø1,8 - Ø4,2 mm / .071 - .165”
in nail diameter

28 mm - 105 mm / 1.1 - 4”
in nail length

900 - 3,500
nails per minute


Product Datasheet:
ENKOfeed FRS01 & FLS01


ENKOfeed high-speed nail feeder

The ENKOTEC high-speed nail feeder type FRS01 or FLS01 has been designed for feeding nails into thread rollers, collators and other equipment for the production and processing of nails. The ENKOfeed is made of high quality material to ensure long and stable production.

The ENKOfeed comes in a clockwise and counter clockwise version delivered with discharge made for the ENKOTEC thread rolling machine and the ENKOTEC nail collator machines.

The capacity of the ENKOfeed is suitable for the fastest machines on the market, and is therefore suitable for most modern-day nail manufacturing machines.