Trafileria-Punteria Ghezzi, Italy

The products of Trafileria-Punteria Ghezzi SAS, located in Tuenno (Trento), Italy, make out a historical brand in the Italian nail-manufacturing sector. Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi is a family company specialised in the nail production for the assembling of wood pallet and industrial boxes. The company was established in 1948 immediately after World War II, and started up production using rudimentary press-forcing machines.

From the post-war rebuilding period and during the subsequent Italian economic growth until the present time characterised by European integration, Ghezzi has always played an important role in the wood-packaging industry as one of its main nail suppliers. Ghezzi draws wire and produces both common nails and precision nails for collating. Moreover, the product range includes standard-head nails for mechanical nailing machines as well as customised nail diameters for specific applications.

ENKOTEC enters the scene

Ghezzi’s partnership with ENKOTEC dates back to the beginning of 1995, and the first ENKOTEC machine was shipped to Tuenno in 1997. And more were to follow.

Owner and manager Ezio Ghezzi recalls: “Our first impression of ENKOTEC's rotary nail machine was really positive, because it was fast and also different from the traditional ones, without the use of oil, absence of friction bearing and moving parts, and it does not have any problems during rotation”. 

Since expanding with a new production facility in 2002, Ghezzi has hired additional staff to keep up with the high demand, totalling 25 employees at present. The production runs in double shifts 5 days a week. Ghezzi was in need of nail manufacturing machinery which could help them meet customer requirements of producing nails of high quality, ensuring increased production capacity as well as being able offer customised nail solutions.

This was made possible through the application of ENKOTEC rotary nail making machines into the Ghezzi factory.

Partnership with ENKOTEC

The cooperation with ENKOTEC has been based on sharing knowledge and experience and Ghezzi has been very helpful in testing new parts on the ENKOTEC nail machines at their nail factory. As a result of this cooperation and the research that Ghezzi and ENKOTEC have done together, Ghezzi has been one of the first to manufacture nails with clinch point on the ENKOTEC nail machines. Also, with the assistance of ENKOTEC, it was made possible to produce nails with head markings. These nails are approved and certified by the quality system EPAL (European Pallet Association). Ezio Ghezzi comments on the partnership with ENKOTEC: “With the entry of the third generation of the Ghezzi family, we intend to render an image of being a company modernising and automating as many of the production phases as possible in order to improve quality and to employ less time. For this reason we have turned to ENKOTEC, who have helped us to increase the quality of our products, being able to offer vanguard nail machines and specialised staff for the solution of whichever type of problems”.

At present, Ghezzi is pursuing its objective of constant quality improvement and of acquiring new market outlets in the EU market. And being able to offer more new products is an important part of this strategy. Ezio Ghezzi remarks: “Ghezzi SAS wants to maintain alive the cooperative relationship with ENKOTEC in order to study and develop together new types of nail machines and nail products in the future.”