ENKOTEC Nail Manufacturing Machines

The core of ENKOTEC's product program is the high-speed ENKOTEC rotary nail making machine. Our rotary machine is radically different from conventional nail making machines and comparatively include a huge number of advantages.

ENKOTEC's rotary nail machines are continuously being developed based on input from the market.



Why choose an ENKOTEC nail making machine?


ENKOTEC machines differ greatly from conventional nail machines, which use a "cut-and-hammer" process to form each nail.

At the heart of ENKOTEC's nail machines lies the rotary forming principle; a process which allows wire feeding, cutting and head forming to take place in one continuous process. This is the fastest and most reliable method of consistently producing high-quality steel nails. 

The rotary forming principle means double capacity, better nail quality, less space requirements, increased user-friendliness, fewer operators and the possibility of automated wire nail production. 

Our high-speed nail making machines are the best on the market; our ENKOnail+ series can produce up to 2,500 steel nails per minute, whilst the ENKOnail series runs at speeds of up to 1,000 nails per minute. Our machines are suitable for use in an automated in-line set-up as our oil-free production process eliminates the need for cleaning between forming processes. 

ENKOline Solutions

ENKOTEC offers a wide variety of products which can be combined to create an in line set up for automated nail produciton.