ENKOnail: High-Quality Nail Making Machine

The original rotary principle nail machine from ENKOTEC.
This sturdy design is a reliable and cost-effective nail production solution, ideal for for short and medium-sized runs.

Benefits of the ENKOnail Machine

  • High capacity

  • Low production costs

  • High consistent quality

  • Oil-free production

  • Automated nail manufacturing

  • Fast tooling changeovers

  • Reduced number of dies for quick and easy maintenance

Specifications and Datasheets

Ø2.0 - 4.2 mm / .079 - .165”
in nail diameter

38 - 101,6 mm / 1 1/2 - 4”
in nail length

850 - 1,000 nails/minute
in capacity


Product Datasheets:


Nail Types

High-speed, cost-effective nail production

For this model of nail machine, ENKOTEC has chosen a simple and sturdy transmission system with a more mechanical adjustment set-up than on our ENKOnail+ series wire nail machines.

When designing the ENKOnail model, we had a strong focus on assuring our customers optimal machine performance in relation to investment, for instance by utilising the latest production technology within sheet metal bending and machine tooling.

Like the ENKOnail+ models, these machines have an efficient active nail ejection system, pushing and dragging the nails out of the dies and thus ensuring the safe evacuation of all finished nails from the wire nail machine.

The tooling ring includes a reduced number of dies, which is a contributing factor in allowing tooling changeovers in the ENKOnail machine to be made easily and in little time. The ENKOnail machine is user-friendly in its design with an ergonomic working height, foot controlled wire feeding, and easy access for cleaning and service.




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