ENKOllator: Wire Coil Nail Collating Machine

The ENKOTEC wire coil collator, type CWC02, runs at a speed of up to 3,000 nails per minute and is a perfect addition to ENKOTEC’s nail machines.

ENKOllator: Wire Coil

Benefits of the ENKOllator

  • Extremely high efficiency

  • Minumum changeover times

  • Specialized high frequency inverter

  • ENKOTEC designed feeder bowl

  • Quick release system ensuring no welding scraps

  • Linear welding electrode movement

Specifications and Datasheets

Ø2.0 - 4.0 mm / .079 - .157"
in nail diameter

25 - 100 mm / 1 - 3.9"
in nail length

170 - 1,500 pcs
in nails per coil


ENKOllator: Wire Coil

Packing Unit PCC01

ENKOTEC Wire Coil Collator

The ENKOTEC coil nail machine, type CWC02, has been designed for making wire welded coil nails using automatic cutter and coiling units driven by servotechnology.

The coil nail machine can produce bright and electro galvanized coil nails with smooth shank, ring shank, screw shank and spiral shank.

The loose nails are carried by an ENKOTEC vibration feeder bowl to a pair of guide tracks, in which they are put into the required position and transported to two rotating welding electrodes at a speed of up to 3.000 nails per minute (standard feeder). The nails get connected to each other with two welding wires by resistance welding technology.

Our high-capacity wire coil collator can be supplied with an automatic strapping device, as well as other options e.g., additional extension modules and various types of coils.




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