ENKOnail+ with ENKOsmart:

The World's Fastest Nail Manufacturing Machine

ENKOTEC’s high-capacity machines are the future of nail manufacturing.

The ENKOnail+ series has been designed according to a modular principle with several machine variants, which are all equipped with the ENKOsmart software platform.

Benefits of the ENKOnail+ 

  • High capacity (up to 2,500 nail per minute)

  • Low production costs

  • High consistent quality thanks to ENKOsmart sensor technology

  • Interactive interface with an intuitive digital manual

  • Performance tracking made easy

  • Enabled for remote support and troubleshooting 

Specifications and Datasheets

Ø1.8 - 4.2 mm / .071 - .165“
in nail diameter

25 - 130 mm / 1.0 - 5.12”
in nail length

900 - 2,500 nails/minute
in capacity



Product Datasheet:


Nail Types

Increase your capacity and efficiency

The ENKOnail+ series of high-capacity nail making machines takes the the ENKOTEC rotary forming principle and the highly durable tooling of the ENKOnail to the next level with the addition of a digital interface, providing a user-friendly machine design and ensures high uniform nail quality, easy maintenance, high process stability, and cleaner and quieter nail production. In addition to this our machines offer sustainable nail production with a lower energy consumption and an oil-free process. This makes our wire nail making machines the most efficient on the market, while offering the possibility of automated in-line nail production. 

Featuring the ENKOsmart software platform, the ENKOnail+ is brought to the next level of high-performance automatic steel nail making machinery by utilising innovative sensor technology to enable maximum productivity enhancement with extensive quality control and fast trouble shooting. By combining innovative sensor technology and the latest generation HMI, the new ENKOnail+ with ENKOsmart provides the tools to maximise uptime and efficiency with real-time production monitoring and intelligent error tracking to ensure optimum wire rod utilisation. 



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The ENKOsmart software platform comes with an intuitive touch screen interface, which displays steel nail information, quality, production and performance status. The interface is easy to navigate and allows for quick setup of the ENKOnail+ based on 3 unique user levels. Furthermore, the digital interface includes an intuitive digital manual with video tutorials to make maintenance easy.