ENKOpack NCP02

The ENKOTEC nail counting and  packaging system, type NCP02, counts and packages nails into boxes. The system offers the possibility of in-line nail production in a complete, automated nail manufacturing process.

Benefits of the ENKOpack NCP02

  • Automatic feeding, filling, and removal of box
  • Pre-definition of production batch
  • Highly accurate nail counting 
  • Illuminated tower - light for easy operator guidance

  • Fail-safe counting by means of PLC

Specifications and Datasheets

Box Length:
75 - 305 mm / 3 - 12” 

Box Width:
100 - 305 mm/ 4" - 12"

Box Height:
90 - 435 mm / 3,5 - 17”


Product Datasheet:
ENKOpack NCP02

Efficient and flexible nail packaging system

The ENKOTEC nail counting and packaging system, type NCP02, is a movable packaging machine, where nail counting is based on a counting signal (10-24V) from a preceding nail making machine or thread rolling machine. 


The ENKOpack nail counting and  packaging system automatically feeds the nail cartons, fills them with the accurate number of nails, and transports the nail cartons via automatic drive belt conveyors.


Optimum efficiency is secured by means of a programmable vibrating unit, to ensure the nails are compacted as much as possible. 


All of this can be done in-line with a standard ENKOTEC nail machine or thread roller.

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