ENKOline Automated Nail Production Solutions

ENKOTEC offers a wide range of high-performance machines for manufacturing of high-quality wire nails. The machines can be working in-line or as stand-alone units. In keeping with our partnership philosophy, we provide consultancy on how to organise and run your ENKOTEC nail production for maximum output and profit.

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Automated nail production

Watch an ENKOTEC high-speed in-line nail manufacturing solution in action with ENKOnail+ machine, ENKOroll thread rolling machine and ENKOllator wire coil or ENKOllator plastic stick collator.

The intelligent features of the ENKOsmart software on ENKOnail+ and ENKOroll allows easy control and setup of the system. Furthermore it provides auto start/stop functionality on the ENKOroll thread rolling machine to maximise uptime and minimise labour intensity. 

Managing Director Gert Kjeldsen: “ENKOTEC’s in-line nail manufacturing solutions, featuring a balanced combination of well-proven systems and modern technology, can keep our customers ahead of competition by optimising their efficiency."

Highly efficient in-line solutions

An ENKOline wire nail manufacturing system may for instance consist of a rotary nail making machine with an integrated payoff combined with a thread rolling machine and / or an ENKOTEC nail collator plus the necessary connecting conveyors.

The output-per minute-rate of ENKOTEC’s in-line solutions is the highest in the market, without affecting the production stability. The thoroughly proven machines, equipped with high-quality, durable precision tooling, ensure cost-effective operations and excellent reliability.

The in-line system is controlled from a touch screen, which is easy to navigate and allows for quick setup of nail parameters. Once the nail dimensions are set, production can take place unmanned and only limited staff is required to carry out changeovers and maintenance.

As ENKOTEC nail machinery requires no lubrication and, as it is possible to efficiently evacuate dust, the nails produced are so clean that there is no need for nail tumbling. This oil-free nail production means that nails can be transported directly from one machine ot the next, in one smooth run. 

Tooling changeovers and maintenance routines are easy to carry out owing to the user-friendly machine design. The energy consumption of the machines is very small and, in addition, the rotary forming principle results in a low-noise production process, ensuring an agreeable working environment.

ENKOTEC is the total supplier of its in-line nail manufacturing machine solutions and therefore guarantees the performance of the complete lines. Furthermore, by having only one supplier, our customers will benefit from ENKOTEC’s extensive service concept, including quick supplies of spare parts, technical support at all levels, and customised training programs.

Our dedicated service engineers are here to support you right from the start, from setting up the macinery and taining operators, to optimisation consultancy. We are here to help you succeed.

With more than 40 years' experience in the nail industry, we can help you succeed