ENKOpack NCP03

The ENKOTEC nail counting and  packaging system, type NCP03, counts and packages nails into boxes or bags. The system offers the possibility of in-line nail production in a complete, automated nail manufacturing process.

Benefits of the ENKOpack NCP03

  • Automatic feeding, filling, and removal of box or bag
  • Pre-definition of production batch
  • Highly accurate nail counting
  • Touch-screen control panel
  • Fail-safe counting by means of PLC

Specifications and Datasheets

Box/Bag Length:
75 - 305 mm / 3 - 12”

Box/Bag Width:
100 - 305 mm/ 4" - 12"

Box/Bag Height:
90 - 435 mm / 3,5 - 17”

Product Datasheets:

ENKOpack NCP03

Efficient and flexible packaging system

The ENKOTEC nail counting and packaging system, type NCP03, is a movable packaging machine, where nail counting is based on a counting signal (10-24V) from a preceding nail making machine. The ENKOpack NCP03 secures the optimal compacting by means of a programmable vibrating unit, ensuring the nails are packed efficiently. 


The system offers the possibility of completey automated in-line nail production with a high degree of flexibility.