Corporate Social Responsibility

ENKOTEC takes CSR very seriously. The design and function of our nail manufacturing machines and services reflect our wish to provide sustainable solutions, while at the same time enhancing our customers' competitiveness. Our suppliers engage to comply with ENKOTEC’s supplier code of conduct, which is compliant with the UN Supplier Code of Conduct. Internally at ENKOTEC, we are continuously working on making environmental improvements, optimizing the workplace environment and training current and future staff.

Responsible nail solutions

With ENKOTEC as your solution provider, you are sure to get a nail manufacturing operation with  a reduced environmental impact.

The ENKOTEC nail manufacturing process is oil-free and, as it is possible to efficiently evacuate dust, the nails produced on ENKOTEC nail making machines are so clean that there is no need for subsequent nail tumbling. 

Among other advantages are a very small energy consumption, a compact and space-saving machine design, and a low-noise production process, ensuring an agreeable working environment.

It goes without saying that ENKOTEC's machinery is in compliance with the highest international standards for safety and user-friendliness.

Supplier code of conduct

ENKOTEC’s supplier code of conduct includes principles on labour, human rights, environment and ethical conduct and is compliant with the UN Supplier Code of Conduct. 

  • Suppliers shall commit themselves to uphold the human rights of workers. Workers shall always be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Suppliers shall commit to ensuring safe working conditions and a healthy working environment for their workers.
  • ENKOTEC expects its suppliers to share the same considerations of mitigating harmful impacts on the environment and climate.
  • ENKOTEC requires its suppliers to commit to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Suppliers shall strictly follow all the applicable anti-corruption laws.
  • Suppliers shall respect intellectual property rights, both those of ENKOTEC and of its customers.

Focus on environment

ENKOTEC's environmental policy encompasses the general environment and the workplace environment.

The objective of ENKOTEC’s environmental policy is to make sure that ENKOTEC's activities will not have a negative effect on the environment or on the health and safety of our employees. This is in accordance with ENKOTEC's general business objectives and management principles.

ENKOTEC always cooperates with the authorities, neighbors, customers, suppliers and employees regarding environmental conditions.

The development of new products and any expansion of buildings or changes in production will take into account how to apply the principles of clean technology and sustainability. 

Our innovative products can be customised and combined to suit your needs.