Cookie and privacy policy for ENKOTEC A/S

This privacy policy is to be seen as a tool to understand the nature of the data collected by Enkotec, the reason and the use of the personal data. We have also listed your rights in connection with processing of your personal data.


We will collect and process your personal data when you engage with us via various channels, including our website and social media in order to improve the content of the media.

If you are concerned about the collection of personal information, we advise you to clear the cookies and refrain from further use of the website etc. Below you will find detailed information on the data we are collecting.


We use cookies on our website so that we can regularly optimize and target the content to your needs and interests. A cookie is a data file, which our website stores on your computer. This enables it to recognize your computer the next time you visit The file is passive and cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs.

Dynamicweb.VisitDate: Used to determine your last visit. This cookie contains information on the date of your last visit to The cookie is used for statistical purposes and is stored for one (1) year from your last visit, after which is it is deleted.

Dynamicweb.VisitorID: Contains a unique ID, which is given to the user when is visited. The cookie is used for statistical purposes and is stored for one (1) year from your last visit, and then deleted.

Google Analytics: Stores several different cookies on your machine, which collate data on the traffic on, such as which pages and elements are used most by users of the website. ENKOTEC uses Google Analytics' statistics to improve the user-friendliness of

enkotec.CookieRule: When you accept our warning at the top of the site, we store a cookie on your computer, which remembers your acceptance and is stored for one (1) year, after which it is automatically deleted.

You can reject cookies on your computer at any time. You do this by changing the settings in your browser. Se vejledning: . However, you need to be aware that you may lose many functions and services. They assume, that is, that the website can remember the selections you make.

Personal information

Personal data is any information, that relates directly or indirectly to you.

We collect and process a number of your personal data when you contact us or engage with us through our website etc. It automatically occurs during common interaction that is; if you sign up for our newsletter, register yourself as user etc.

Usually we are collecting and processing these kind of data through our website and social media:

A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone; your IP-number, geographical location and the pages you are looking at (your interests). If you contact us through another channel, we will collect and process your contact information.


Enkotec has security measurements in place to safeguard the security of data to protect against accidental and illegal loss, misuse, removal and deterioration of the personal data. We have also taken measurements to prevent information from being accessed illegally by unauthorized persons or in any other way used against the law.

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