Environmental, Social, and Governance

Sustainability is a central value to our corporate strategy; we want to ensure we work within a framework which supports this and helps us to make positive choices for our planet.

For us, sustainability means many things; from preserving the planet to reducing inequalities. This includes using resources responsibly, conducting business in an ethical manner, and creating solutions that are inclusive to people all over the world.

We can achieve this through resource efficiency, sustainable supply chain management, innovation, stakeholder engagement and transparency. In short, we want to ensure that our activities have a reduced impact on the environment, our employees, or the people who work with our machines.

We want to become the world's leading brand in sustainable and innovative nail solutions, and adhering to the principles of ESG can help us get there.

Sustainability & Efficiency

For over 40 years, ENKOTEC has focused on how to produce nails in the most efficient manner to ensure that raw materials are utilised to an optimum. Sustainability is always a consideration when developing our solutions, and we are constantly striving to improve both our finished products and our production process.

For us, sustainability and efficiency go hand-in-hand, both in terms of business management and commodities. We are continuously developing products to assist our clients optimise their operations, minimise waste materials, and use as little energy as possible.

We strive to create ethical working conditions for both our own workers and those who operate our machinery.

This includes incorporating safety features into all our machinery, for example, developing solutions to reduce noise, and eliminating the need for oil to ensure that production is as clean as possible.

Environmental Goals

We aim to keep developing innovative solutions to make nail production as sustainable as possible. Our long-term sustainability strategy is to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions in our production facility.

To achieve this goal, we aim to use 100% green energy in our manufacturing facility and use as little energy and water as possible. 

We recently finished renovating our offices to make them more energy efficient. This included installing a new ventilation system with a heat recovery system, and thicker insulation. As part of the renovation, in May 2023 we installed solar panels on the roofs of our building, to help us achieve our goal of using 100% green electricity. 

We currently have four company cars, of which two are electric-hybrid cars. As of July 2023, our policy states that any future company vehicles, both new and replacement, must be electric. 

We have also installed electric charging stations in our company car park to enable our staff to purchase electric cars if they wish.

Social Goals

Since 2006 ENKOTEC has been owned by BIKUBENFONDEN; a private foundation that allocates funds from its returns and capital to benefit non-profit and charitable purposes in Danish society. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to ENKOTEC that we support social development, both for our employees and our contributions to wider society.

ENKOTEC naturally wants the best employees and values qualifications more than gender, but we believe that a diversified workplace is more creative and productive, which is why we value diversity so much. Our wages are paid according to qualifications, and this implicitly means that equal work gives equal pay, regardless of gender. 

We attach great importance to staff well-being, and we actively work with both the physical and psychological welfare of our employees.

The entire office area has been newly modernised and decorated with photo art in the canteen to create a pleasant and stimulating environment. We have also renovated our outdoor seating area.

Governance Goals

At ENKOTEC we believe that good governance is key to
running a successful business.

For us, good governance comes from a diverse range of committed and engaged board members. Our board is made up of seven members, two of which are staff-elected, to ensure a balanced range of opinions are heard and that our employees are represented.

It is ENKOTEC’s position that attendance at board meetings is a given and all board members are expected to attend all meetings.

We want to follow EU legislation for boards of listed companies; thus, the objective is that at least 40% of the board must be of each sex.

We also aim to have a good pay ratio between our CEO and other employees. We wish for our pay difference to be reasonable and to outperform other C25 companies. We want to ensure all our employees feel fairly compensated and valued for their work. 

Our innovative products can be customised and combined to suit your needs.