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ENKOTEC A/S's head office is located in Denmark. We have offices in North and South America, and we cooperate with local commercial agents in various markets.

Enkotec head office in Denmark

ENKOTEC head office in Denmark

We manage requests from all over the world, except for North and South America. If you are from Brazil, please contact us directly.
Enkotec North America Sales And Service

North America sales and service

All sales and service in North America are handled by our subsidiary company:

ENKOTEC Company, Inc.

South and Central America

South and Central America

All sales, support, and services in South and Central America (with the exception of Brazil), are managed by our Spanish-speaking Regional Sales Manager.

ENKOTEC agents

ENKOTEC commercial agents

We work together with agents in Mexico, India and Japan. 
You are welcome to contact our agents directly.

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