Industrispik Linan AB, Sweden

"Our company is more than satisfied with our high-efficient ENKOTEC in-line production lines, operating with a utilization percentage of 90% of the capacity", says Managing Director Mr. Kenneth Svensson.

Reliable and High-Efficient Nail Production

INDUSTRISPIK LINAN AB was founded in 1987 by Gyllsjö Träindustri AB, who is a leading producer of pallets and wood packaging in Sweden. At that time, the market was divided among many different nail manufacturers, and Gyllsjö thought that their nail prices were too high and the quality too bad. Therefore, when a small nail factory was for sale, Gyllsjö would acquire it in order to take over the nail production for its own usage. The nail production was subsequently transferred to separate premises approx. 20 km from the parent company. It did not take long until the production capacity had been substantially increased so that nails could be sold to more Scandinavian pallet manufacturers. Today the nail company’s customers count 30 different pallet manufacturers.

INDUSTRISPIK LINAN AB is run by only two employees producing 1500 tons of nails annually. The nails manufactured are made exclusively from ore-based steel wire in order to make sure that the quality is as high and uniform as possible. The plant consists of six production lines, including two new ENKOTEC in-line nail manufacturing lines, one NH01 nail machine with a TA01 thread roller and one NI01 machine with another TA01. These two new ENKOTEC lines have replaced four old conventional nail manufacturing lines. 

Managing Director Kenneth Svensson:  “Our plan is to replace the remaining old nail production lines with yet another new NI-TA in-line system for the production of convex head nails”.

INDUSTRISPIK LINAN is producing nails from ø2.5 x 35 mm to ø3.7 x 100 mm, thus meeting the requirements of most pallet manufacturers. Generally, the demand for ring shank nails is increasing compared to smooth shank nails because of the improved pulling resistance in the pallets.

According to Kenneth Svensson the choice of ENKOTEC as a supplier for the company’s investment in new nail manufacturing lines was a result of comparing the alternative options. “Among the decisive factors was the possibility of establishing a low noise, space-saving and oil-free production. The lack of oil in the process and the efficient dust exhaust devices mean that there is no need for tumbling the nails afterwards. An additional advantage is that our power consumption has fallen significantly on our total volume. What also matters much to us is ENKOTEC’s aftersales concept with quick service and support, easy access to spare parts, and user-friendly technical manuals”, says Kenneth Svensson.

”Our company is more than satisfied with our high-efficient ENKOTEC in-line production lines, operating with a utilization percentage of 90% of the capacity. As we are very particular about service and settings, we have very little downtime in our production with these machines. Feedback from our customers has been very positive, and we have not received one single complaint about the nail quality.” 

Kenneth Svensson concludes: “I am convinced that wood packaging material will continue to be a strong alternative to plastic and other types of packaging in the future. The need for nails will still be there for a long time to come. Therefore, I believe the future looks bright for our business. In order to stay competitive, we must be able to produce efficiently with short delivery times and a high-quality nail output in large volumes, when required. And with our modern ENKOTEC production equipment, we have every possibility to do so.”

Kenneth Svensson, Managing Director, INDUSTRISPIK LINAN AB 


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