Malla San, Mexico

PRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY & HIGH QUALITY: 40 years ago Aceros San Luis - now Malla San S.A. de C.V. - began its operation in Mexico. Through their hard work and dedication, they have grown into a very strong corporation. As they grew, so did their operations. They now have six companies in total, and a new name for the entire corporation, Grupo San. Grupo San is a long products steel mini-mill and the second-largest corrugated rebar producer in Mexico. Grupo San's operations are based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Its plants and its 1,500 employees rely on cutting edge technology to produce 700 thousand tons of finished products annually.

Complying with quality-conscious customers

The youngest company in Grupo San is Malla San, which began its operations in 2006. It is run by Raul Bravo Oro, Production Manager, and they employ 115 people. Malla San S.A. de C.V. began with three wire drawing machines and two wire mesh welders, one leaf and the other roll manufacturing. They produced 15,162.17 tons in their first year of operation. With great customer acceptance to their products, due to the strict quality expectations of the employees, they began to produce other products in which wire rod could be used.

By the end of 2006, they were initializing the construction of building #2 to realize a bigger variety of products. For the start of 2007, the idea of going into the nail manufacturing business was already contemplated. The machines were to be installed in building #2 and, during that time, building #3 was under construction.

When Malla San started looking into the production of nails, they knew little about the distinguishing characteristics of the existing nail machine manufacturers and, through machine vendors, they began asking questions and analyzing the different options.

ENKOTEC machinery superior to the rest

With the data provided to them and after close dialogue with the ENKOTEC sales staff, they ended up choosing ENKOTEC nail manufacturing machines.

There were many reasons why Malla San chose ENKOTEC as their machine supplier:

The technology that ENKOTEC's nail making machines brought to the table was superior to the rest. The machines were 100% productive and did not hide any of the processes. Everything was in plain view, making it less laborious for the operator and the mechanic conducting maintenance. 

After one year, it was clear that the ENKOTEC machines met 100% of the expectations to machine capacity given to the company.

The services offered by ENKOTEC (installation, training, technical support, etc…) were a great help for Malla San. 

With the latest productive technology you are sure to meet your goals

At the end of 2007, owing to increased production requirements, Malla San purchased another nail machine, making it the third ENKOTEC Machine in their inventory. Their nail machines are run by one operator and an assigned helper. This gives the operator the ability to maintain production, conduct maintenance and achieve faster set-up times.  

For Malla San and the entire Grupo San Family, the future looks good, so more machines may be added, with ENKOTEC being their 1st choice. Their belief is that, if you have the latest and most productive technology and couple that with quality and pride, you are sure to meet your goals.